Sleep hygiene

– monitor your sleep


Sleep-hygiene helps you to maintain good sleeping habits and to manage your bedtimes. It uses longterm empirical data of your sleep to determine your best sleeping and wakeup times, your best sleeping duration, the influence of short naps on you and your overall discipline maintaining constant bedtimes. By monitoring all these factors you can effectively improve your sleeping quality and learn to feel fresh at the morning.

How it works

You go to bed, you tap “Sleep”. The program will suggest to you the best times to awake according to your personal circadian rhythm. Then turn the iPhone off and sleep. When you wake up, tap “Wake up” and give a feedback of how fresh you are feeling. This data will be saved and displayed in the “Review”-section. There you can also manually add and delete naps.

Scroll through your sleeping history and get new insights. Would you know how well and how long you slept on monday the last week?- Solely with Sleep-hygiene. In the “GetBetter” – section you’ll find several statistics based on your sleeping data that will help you improve your sleeping quality. Look at your biorythm, the time of your light sleep phases. Look at your sleeping quality and your best sleeping durations. You’ll also find the most important guidelines for a good sleep hygiene.

By tapping the question mark (2nd screenshot) you’ll get further help.


✔ easy to use sleep-diary: just tap three buttons for every new nap

✔ integrated feedback valuation of your sleeping quality

✔ costumizable calculation of your best wake-up time when you go to sleep

✔ display of the hours since your last nap

✔ straightforward overview of your sleeping history

statistics about:

✔ your best sleeping and wakeup times, your optimal sleeping duration

✔ the stability of your bedtimes

✔ your overall sleeping quality

✔ your biorythm and sleep health

4 Responses to “Sleep hygiene”

  1. 1 K

    Thank you for creating this app, I really like it! However, it should take into consideration that you don’t fall asleep the minute you hit the ‘sleep’ button. It should include a function that asks how long the person guesses they will take to fall asleep. I used Sleep Log Recorder by Midtown for a few nights before deciding to buy the Sleep Hygiene. It asks how long it will take you to fall asleep. I also like its feature of calculating how in sync your wake up time is with your sleep cycle.

    Sleep hygiene would be the perfect app if it incorporated the features of Sleep Log as well.

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